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Welcome to the best place to search for Westfield real estate listings in the Westfield Multiple Listing Service (MLS) now called the Broker Listings Cooperative or BLC for short. Typically, there are 300+ Westfield homes for sale at all times. Prices range from the ridiculously affordable to homes over $1,000,000. Real estate and Homes for sale in Westfield Indiana and the midwest in general offer a lot more house for the money than coastal areas or larger cities.

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$900,000-$999,999 $375,000-$399,999 $200,000-$224,999 $130,000-$139,999
$800,000-$899,999 $350,000-$374,999 $190,000-$199,999 $120,000-$129,999
$700,000-$799,999 $325,000-$349,999 $180,000-$189,999 $110,000-$119,999
$600,000-$699,999 $300,000-$324,999 $170,000-$179,999 $100,000-$109,999
$500,000-$599,999 $275,000-$299,999 $160,000-$169,999 under $100,000
$450,000-$499,999 $250,000-$274,999 $150,000-$159,999  

Westfield  Broker Listing Cooperative (BLC ) formerly the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Here you will find all of the Westfield real estate listings that are on the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of REALTOR’s (MIBOR) website. We are permitted to download all Westfield real estate listings because we are REALTOR members of MIBOR and have full access to all of the Westfield homes for sale by all REALTORS in central Indiana. We accomplish this through use of the Internet Data Exchange (IDX) and Virtual Office Website (VOW). If you would like more information about any house for sale on our websites, just give us a call at any of the phone numbers at the bottom of this page.

Westfield  Indiana

Art in the Indianapolis suburb of Westfield, Indiana occupies quite a strong presence, as it does in its fast-growing sister suburbs, Noblesville, Fishers and Carmel.

Downtown Westfield is a community center in its awakening stages. The Downtown Neighborhood association and the Grand Junction Task Group are newly-formed organizations dedicated to the promotion of activity, culture and business in historic downtown Westfield.

Also new, but growing fast and furious, are the Westfield Market, a first-class farmers’ market, and NUMA, the city’s brand new, two-day arts festival which had its inauguration in September of 2008.

Though Westfield is still a somewhat small “bedroom community,” its population is among the fastest-growing in the nation. How appropriate that the heart of the city is humming right along, too.

Besides this website, one of the most popular websites in Central Indiana to search for Westfield homes for sale is msWoods Indianapolis Homes For Sale.

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